Welcome to Sheridan Charter Township

Located in the south-western portion of Newaygo County, Michigan, Sheridan Charter Township consists of approximately thirty-three square miles of mostly rural land. The Township borders the City of Fremont and Fremont Lake on their south-western edge. The population, currently around 2,500 persons, has remained fairly steady for the last forty years, with less than a ten-percent growth since 1960.

Extensive cooperation with the nearby City of Fremont has led to some shared services, including sewer service around part of Fremont Lake. The City also provides fire protection to the Township under contract. Administratively, the Township, along with the Township of Dayton directly to the north and the City of Fremont, has adopted a joint master plan and in the near future, may adopt joint zoning as well.

The community of Fremont is perhaps best known for being the home of Gerber Products Company, the baby food producer. The community contains numerous amenities and opportunities for recreation, with the Township operating a boat launch area near the Township Hall’s location on the south side of Fremont Lake.

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