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Sheridan Charter Township

There are 1,242 townships within the State of Michigan. Throughout the lower peninsula, these townships are usually in a square shape; six miles on a side. Within each township, sections a square mile in size are laid out, for a usual total of thirty-six square miles per township. Most counties contain sixteen townships, although larger counties such as Kent or Newaygo have twenty-four. Also, due to the irregular shoreline imposed by the Great Lakes, many counties and townships only generally match these criteria.

Townships within the State of Michigan operate according to laws set forth by the State. Most townships are general law townships, but Sheridan Charter Township is one of a handful of charter townships; most of which are located near cities. It is interesting to note that there are five other Sheridan Townships in the State, although Sheridan Charter Township is the only one that has become a charter township, which it did in 1986. There are a few differences in the administration of charter townships, but generally the distinction has little impact on the average citizen.

Sheridan Charter Township is located south and west of the small city of Fremont, in Newaygo County, Michigan. The terrain is generally flat, with a few low, rolling hills and to the south, ravines cut by several creeks that are part of the Muskegon River watershed. The Fremont community contains a swath of rich soils, leading to a heavy concentration of agriculture including livestock and specialty crops such as orchards. The Township contains several large farms and confined animal feed operations, as well as a few older subdivisions and site condominiums which are mostly located near the city or around the large lake (Fremont Lake) that lies in the northeast corner of the township. The remainder of the Township consists primarily of private residences on larger parcels, with a limited amount of commercial development along the State routes of M-82 and M-120.

Although a distinct jurisdiction, Sheridan cooperates extensively with the City of Fremont and Dayton Township to the north, with which it shares common boundaries. The three communities have a common Master Plan, and were the first in the State to create a joint planning commission incorporating a city and surrounding townships. A joint recreation plan has led to numerous community-wide projects, including extensive bike paths and playground areas, a skate park and within the township proper, a BMX/mountain-bike park.

The township hall is located on the south side of Fremont Lake. The drive, off of 64th Street, serves as access to the hall and the public boat-launch ramp. The hall’s main room is used for public meetings held by the various boards and commissions, and can also be rented for social events. There are several offices manned part-time by various officials of the township, but the hall is not open on a daily basis.

In order to obtain information or assistance, it is best to contact the appropriate official during the hours listed on this site, or you may leave a voice or e-mail message with a clear statement regarding your inquiry, your name, and return contact information. Someone will contact you within a few days to assist you.