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Boards & Commissions

Township Board – The members of the Township Board meet monthly to address topics concerning the township, such as budgets, projects, and general business.

Planning Commission – The Planning Commission meets every other month, and is tasked by law with planning the growth of the township, establishing guidelines for the types of uses that will take place within the township, and where those activities will be allowed.

Zoning Board of Appeals – The Zoning Board of Appeals meets every other month on alternate months from the Planning Commission, and hears appeals for relief from the strict interpretation of the zoning ordinance, known as variance requests.

Board of Review – The purpose of board of review is to let property owners voice various concerns about property assessments. The board of review meets 3 times a year. The meeting of most interest is the March Board of Review session which meets for 2 six hour sessions the second week of March. At these sessions property owners or their agents can appeal both tax classification and property value assessments.