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Fremont Community Joint Zoning Board of Appeals

The Fremont Community Joint Zoning Board of Appeals (FCJZBA) consists of five members, four of whom are appointed from the populace of the township, and a fifth who is a representative of the township board, generally a trustee.

Currently the FCJZBA meets every other month on alternate months from the Fremont Community Joint Planning Commission (PC), and hears appeals for relief from the strict interpretation of the zoning ordinance, known as variance requests. It is also the first resort of appeal for individuals who are contesting a decision by the zoning administrator, or who wish to challenge an ordinance at large.

The following individuals are the appointees by Sheridan Charter Township.

PositionBoard MemberTerm Ends
JPC Rep. Jack Taylor 12/19/2015
  Lisa Deur 12/19/2013
Board Rep. Jason Bieneman 11/20/2014

Two alternates (currently unfilled)